I’m Bernadette, a sojourner…

Hi, I’m Bernadette.

An insatiable story seeker raised on good vibes, soul food, and SoCal sunshine in the seaside town of Ventura.

Unbridled wanderlust, holistic living, bewitching bites, brews, and elixirs destine my endeavors. Thus, I often find myself at crossroads where nature, culture, creativity, and wholesome cuisine collide.


My features graced the pages of Edible MagazineLA Yoga, and many others. While on the road, I staff write for destination events and travel pubs like Bhakti Yoga Fest and Blisstival. Once upon a time I even guest blogged for Writer’s Market Senior Editor in a Life Changing Essay Series.

 Oh, I also craft snappy web content, marketing copy and business blogs too.

Discovering purpose, living fully engaged, and authentic expression leads me to explore unlikely nooks and crannies of the world,  both near and far from home.

Between boarding internationally bound planes, I  bounce around my beautiful back yard along the West Coast with immense gratitude for its infinite beauty and blessings.

I truly hope sharing spirited prose of such places and experiences spark big gypsy dreams, and a juicy appetite for a remarkable life of your own.

With my eyes always on the horizon, I’m currently plotting grand adventures near you!

‘Til our wild paths cross, I wish you healthy, happy trails…