B is for Become One & Blisstival

Heyo it’s the weekend! Check chhh check it ouuut! A couple of weeks back I threw you a little teaser about Become One: A Soulful Art Show Party.

Become One Art – Image accreditation to Aaron McElligott

However, here’s the full blown low-down on how it all happened on a brand spankin’ new blog and writing endeavor:


Blisstival is a beautiful website for any and all those pursuing a happy, healthy, good life. Come check out amazing events happening in Southern California on a local and large-scale that are Dharmic and dazzling in nature. Or, for all anyone who has “Grid Aversion Syndrome”…Or, less gracefully put, a good case of GAS! And if I know you fellow free spirits at all, most of you do! Enjoy  the article loves!

Become One: A Soulful Art Show Party

Infinite X’s Infinite O’s,


Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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