Quote Notes and a case of the Fundays

Hello loves! Guess what?!? Every Monday and Friday I’ll posting a “Fun Quote Note” to wOrds∙Of∙the∙One. I’m a big quote person, and I get inspired by the smallest snippets that sages of all ages have shared. I gain so much from so little, and just want to get in the giving quote loop, and fun of it all. I see it as a good way to open and close, for most of you, the beginning and end of a work week. Just my little way of transforming a “case of the Mondays” into a “case of the Fundays”, and TGIF into “Thank God it’s Funday!”

All this starts when you might ask? Today! So enjoy a little snippet of soul I have to offer ya with the first ever, original Funday Quote Note!!!



Bernadette Ignacio © 2012

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