Poolside Prophet

After a few weeks of reflection, the lessons from the Summer of Heart-expanding, Mind-blasting Love are so much more clear. A particular moment presented itself to me as a gift– a blip in time that if measured or compared to a similar blip might have been trite or inconsequential, was rather, a blip that shattered my reality. Let me explain…

One sweltering afternoon in the desert of Joshua Tree,  during a sacred celebration called Bhakti Fest,  I had a chance meeting with a silvery sage named Ronski. When I first encountered him, Ronski’s weathered body lie completely spread across the hot cement so that every cell of every extremity received the sun’s healing rays. I smiled at the sight of the old man turning back the hands of time by basking in a flood of light and youth. For I felt I was looking at how I would spend my own golden-grey days. There was no doubt that when the time came, I would speak to the Silver Starfish.

Indeed we met, and indeed he imparted wisdom with not only me, but also with my sultry poolside company; an infinitely interesting and chiseled bloke named Ben, whom which the Silver Starfish complimented us as “a very beautiful pair of young people.” Well, that’s how he put it with a warm, approving smile anyway.

After a few ridiculously relevant, contemplative conversations, we parted ways from the pool. The day passed as I tried to put the pieces of my blown mind back to together. I saw him later near a psychedelic stage under the evening stars, and he told me that I should try dancing until I lose my mind, and then write something. This is what happened when I followed his direction…

Advice from a Silver Starfish

Photo accreditation to Alex Bramwell (http://www.123rf.com/profile_Spanishalex)