Promotion + Poetry = Happy Face

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It’s a time old tale that writing and marketing go hand in hand like paper and pen. Or in this digital age, keyboard and mouse. All big wig editors, best sellers, and happily successful hired pens will tell you it’s not enough to just write “good stuff”, and hope that the magic publishing fairy will fly by and presto! You’ve a writing rock star.

I took strong advice from such greats like Robert Brewer, editor of the Writer’s Market, and fearless freelance cougar, Carol Tice. The common message is, keep writing. But more importantly, market what you write! Yesterday I publicized this website to my friends and family via various social networks.

Many crack of dawn mornings, agitating afternoons, and late night laptop sessions were spent from day one until yesterday. But they were all worth it. The response was tremendous, and superseded my expectations by far. By the end of the day I was permagrinned from ear to ear. My heart, bursting with gratitude. It’s one thing to pursue a dream. It’s another when you have your loved ones cheering you on the chase. The most amazing part–there is no finish line in sight.

Inspired by the warm wave of love and support, I wrote this poem on my Stoetry Blog in dedication to those who have fired up my kick-start right. Here’s to you dear readers! Thanks and I love you.


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