Yoga Journal Journey

Breeeeeeeeath innnn….

Breeeeeeeeath ouuut….

And with an exhale I smile for it’s been another fantastic adventure of life over the last weekend. On a Thursday I boarded a south bound train with my 9-year-old niece to San Diego with destination to the Yoga Journal Conference. It was the first to be held in San Diego, the first time for me to go, and the first for my niece to ever step foot on a train. Full “firsts excitement” she and I surveyed the land through the lens of a train window as we headed south.

The next four days were a merry mix of yoga, friends (old and new), family, and flirting with a city that I left, and looked back at over my shoulder every once and while since.

At the Yoga Journal Conference, feeling my true inner power through mantra, learning goddess stories of Vedic yore, looking into the crystal ball of retired bliss, and finding a long-lost sister amongst my work buddies are just a few incredible things that transpired.

View from the YJSD venue at the Sheraton over-looking the San Diego Bay photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

It is events as such these that re-inspire my path, illuminate timeless truths, and awaken much meaning in life. My intention for the conference became focus and purpose. Day by day the itch of purpose scratches itself through these keys. The beautiful thing is that I get to share that with you.

I told a yogi sister called Kathy Bump I often feel that inside there is a giant of giants; a warrior goddess brooding inside me whose intention is to unleash her swords of truth, steel stars of piercing strength to let fly in the hearts and minds of unsuspecting others. And she is angry. Red in the face because she cannot breathe. I keep smothering her with reasons to stay hidden like our mermaid cousins of the ancient blue deep. I feel her hot breath in my ujaii. That breath, is the breath of fire, her fire. Waiting to consume the cold hard shell of her encapsulating nemesis: My sceptic ego. But I will keep breathing.  She will keep breathing. And we all know what happens when we breathe on  fire, the flames glow and grow.

The war started years ago, and now, the battle is on.

More on the Yoga Journal Conference to come…


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