Back from Bonaroo

“Soft Southern sundown between Bonaroo trees’ photo taken by Bernadette Ignacio

So, if there’s one thing I cannot deny, it is the difficulty I shroud around writing while travelling. Now, as a travel writer you’d think I’d know how to cope with the crux. The problem is that once I absorb myself into a situation, I am nothing but a sponge, and can be nothing more than sponge-like.

Sponges do not carry around laptops, or notes.

Now being that I process life through wonderful words, it seems I’d naturally do just that in the moment.  But the fact of the matter is, if I stopped to write something down, I’d more than likely miss the point of what am trying to write down. In an interview Paulo Coelho sums it up saying,

“If I am breathing, if I breathe, I get inspiration. If the only thing I have to do is expire, then the book is already inside my soul.”

To record the moment, you have to live the moment, not letter the moment.

I have to admit another thing that holds me from the materialization of work is the genuine sharing of my adventures. You will hear that the type of writing that people respond to the most, is that which resonates of a bona fide, transparent experience.

I created this space for that reason. I want the world to see and feel how beautiful life can be if you just show up for it. That, in essence, is what happened at Bonaroo, and throughout my 1st Southern experience; a beautiful succession of amazing events so good I couldn’t ask for it! On that note, I have more to genuinely share my sweet sweet readers.

Until then…just show up for your own amazing life.

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