Connection, a stirred appetite, wonderment— just a few symptoms of the stories I write.

Inspiring people to go places, do things, taste flavors, feel and be aliveHow do I do it?




Features, articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in LA Yoga, Edible Magazine, Writer’s Market Blog,, and many more. I also do brand journalism and content development, blending my love of storytelling with the business world.

Articles & Blogs

Feel the pulse of my primary beats on mindful living, sustainable business, alternative offbeat travel, and conscious food culture. (more…)

Event Coverage

Is it weird that I have a fetish for making people feel the burn of FOMO? Well, I do– with festival recaps and sweet snaps of seriously good times.  (more…)

Brand Journalism

Ideas, connection, a chosen tribe– people don’t just buy things, they invest in the story of a business.


Need some snappy web copy?  Or share worthy social media content? How about a few brilliant blog posts? Tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll make your project my priority.
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